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This is the private homepage of Jürgen Will (Chemist, born 1962). My topics of private interest are among others:

Air Ships (e.g. Air Ship with Dolphin form and Wave Propeller)
Artficial Intelligence (Neural Networks, Learning from Graphs and other Non-Vectors, Conceptual Analysis, Decision Trees)
Combinatorial Pólya Enumeration (Bibliography on Combinatorial Pólya-Redfield-De Bruijn Enumeration Theory)

Computer Algebra (Symbolic Integration, Symbolic Summation)
Computer Chemistry (Nonclassical QSAR, Unique Structure Codification)
Data Analysis (Multivariate Analysis, Data Mining, New Regression and Interpolation Methods,
                       Global Optimization)
Emulsions of technical fats and oils
Free Energy (Bibliography Free Energy)
Graph Theory (Nondirected Graphs, Unique Codification of Graphs)
Living Water
Mathematics with Power Series (Formal Power Series, Summation)
Petri Nets for Simulation of Biopathways Wind Energy (e.g. Wind-Hamster)

- A single computer programming language should be possible, which combines all known universal
  programming languages.
- A computer programming language should be possible, which allows to describe mathematical
  algorithms as by formulas and short texts in a book.
- Higher speeds of computing would be possible with novel analog computers that work with for example
  electrical, magnetical or optical fields.
- Reflect on winning a thunderstorm's lightning energy by creating the lightning.
- Reflect on creating a locally restricted wind vortex like tornado vortices to winning wind energy.
  (I don't mean the Yen tornado tower.)
- Reflect on hanging up a very long funnel tube at a high mountain to increase an upwind power
  plant's efficiency.
- Is there a spray for self-defense possible which has an awfully nasty smell (like butyric acid or
- Would an everywhere portable little camera protect someone against criminal attack?
- Protection against remote ignition of a bomb could be possible by using a Faraday cage.
- Try to make photos (at a stand) from an aircraft's model.
- Would it be possible to change the form of a thing (car, aircraft, air foil or so) continuously?
- Could catching fishes be possible by attracting them with sound?

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